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1K Ammo Bag

Water resistant. Rugged. Guaranteed for life.

This new 1K bag is incredibly rugged and extremely versatile. Dual leather handles mean you can comfortably carry over 30 pounds of ammo. The new ripstop lining makes it easy to wipe the interior clean of lead and carbon deposits.

Made in the free state of Utah.


  • 9.5" x 4.5" x 4"
  • Waxed canvas exterior
  • Ripstop nylon lining
  • Leather patch and handles


  • 9mm: 1,000 rounds
  • 5.56: 700 rounds
  • 30/40rd AR mags: 8
  • 33rd Glock mags: 12

      For Custom Caliber patches, include what caliber you'd like in the Order Notes section of your cart.

      Leather Patch
      Waxed Canvas
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