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Leather Pistol Mat

We don't aim for better gear, we aim for the best. That's why when we decided to make something as simple as a pistol mat, we didn't just use foam or cowhide like the rest of the industry. Our research ultimately led us to water buffalo leather. Water buffalo are working animals and their leather isn't stretched during the tanning process so their leather is incredibly dense and strong.

Using such a rugged leather allows us to offer two different types of mats: bench mats and range mats. Bench mats are thick and rigid, perfect for protecting your work bench or table. Range mats are thinner so they can easily roll up to fit into your range bag. Range mats also show off this leather's beautiful undertones when flexed or rolled. Both mats are incredibly strong and come engraved with Old Glory at the bottom.

Range Mat

  • Lightweight and rollable
  • 19.4 x 12.2 inches
  • Forever guarantee

Bench Mat

  • Thick and rigid
  • 19.4 x 12.2 inches
  • Forever guarantee

If you select the Custom Engraving option, be sure to include what text you'd like engraved in the Order Notes section of your cart.  

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